Meet the SEO firm early-stage startups like Userlist or Refiner hired to kickstart organic growth and boost customer acquisition

Hi, my name is Pawel Grabowski. I'm the owner and the lead SEO consultant here at Pancake.

Portrait of Pawel Grabowski - Owner of SEO agency for startups.

I launched Pancake to help early-stage startups kickstart their organic growth with SEO and content.

Because you see, as an early-stage startup, you’re facing quite a challenge:

We're here to take care of all that for you.

Since our launch in 2010 (under the name Smashing Copy until we rebranded as Pancake in 2023), we worked with countless early-stage startups. We helped companies like Userlist, Refiner, Sked Social, Wisepops, Quaderno, Castos, and many others turn SEO and content into the main drivers of growth.

Here, I'll let them tell you...

Craig Hewitt, CEO,

SEO has been paramount to Castos’ success.

We’ve been investing heavily in SEO-driven content from day one, and it paid off. Our pages now attract a relevant audience from search engines and convert many of those visitors into signups and leads.

Moritz Dausinger, CEO,

At Refiner, SEO is one of the major drivers of growth.

We started investing in SEO content early on and are really happy with the strategic decision we took. Today, most of our converting traffic comes from organic search results and we see a strong correlation between rankings and ourbusiness performance.

So, who we are

Pancake is a tiny boutique startup growth agency based in Ireland.

Portrait of Pawel Grabowski, startup SEO agency founder.

It’s just me, actually (although I occasionally tap into a tiny network of highly-vetted contractors.)

Here's what us being small means to you...

  • Small and nimble. Being a tiny agancy allows us to be as creative and nimble as we need to be to help you get the results that you’re after.
  • Startup SEO and content marketing expertise. I’ve been helping SaaS startups exclusively since 2014, and I know what challenges your potential customers face and what motivates them to pick one SaaS over another.
  • Personal approach to working with you. Because at Pancake, we work with only a handful of clients at a time, we become personally invested in your success.
  • Ridiculously simple process. We take care of all the work. All you do is approve.

Our values

Focus on simple

In marketing, simple isn't always easy. In fact, simplicity is often perceived as bad. Not to mention that simplicity often feels like the exact opposite of sexy. As a result, so many marketers try to look beyond simple to the new and exciting. But in truth, it's often the simple things that deliver the best results.

At Pancake, we appreciate and remind ourselves every day of the power of doing the basics first.

Instead of chasing after the new fad or whatever new and seemingly revolutionary framework someone has come up with recently, we approach SEO in its purest form - We understand what conversations your audience has around your product's use cases, and use SEO and content to help you join in and engage those people.

We do it because it works.

Embrace routines

FACT: So many factors affect SEO success. And yet, often, it's the same core things, when done over and over again and done well, that deliver the biggest wins.

We embrace those routines, even if they might seem boring to everyone else. To us, doing the same thing over and over again isn't boring but necessary, and that's what makes it exciting. Not to mention that it's also what moves the needle for your startup so, hey, double win!

Work with care and care about the work

We know that you're building your life's work. We understand that much of your life might depend on the success of your startup, and we reflect that in our approach to work. We aim to be precise. We do things mindfully and do not take shortcuts or skip stuff just because we're tired on the day.

OK, it all sounds good, Pawel but I gotta ask - Why Pancake?

"It's hardly a typical name for an SEO agency."

Yes, it's true. It hardly is.

But although it might not seem that way at first sight, our name is 100% serious.

And it does relate to startup growth too.  

You see - The name is a homage to my good friend and one of the best marketers on the planet, Calin Yablonski, who always compares the MRR business model to stacking pancakes.

He's right.

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