Technical SEO

Remove obstacles that prevent your site from maximizing its SEO potential

Increase your online visibility and attract more organic traffic by ensuring that Google can crawl, render, understand, and index your content with ease.

Technical issues are the roadblocks on your way to organic growth

FACT: You probably can’t see those pesky technical SEO issues.

But Google does.

And not being able to access or crawl your pages can irritate the hell out of it.

The result? Your pages don’t get indexed and, in turn, never show up in the SERP. Or worse, they do, but they end up ranking for the wrong keywords or perform far below their actual potential.

In either case, the end result of all your SEO efforts turns out to be a big round zero.

Technical SEO for early-stage startups

We audit your site and identify those nagging technical issues that might be preventing it from achieving its full SEO potential. We also evaluate how your site performs in the organic search, which pages need additional work to maximize their performance, and which ones have already achieved their max.

Then, we work with your dev team to resolve any technical issues and implement quick wins to help improve your site’s performance relatively quickly.

Comprehensive technical audit

Technical SEO site audit.

From indexation, site structure, and internal linking to site speed, we pick your site apart, identify issues your site currently has, and provide recommendations on how to fix them.

In-depth on-page SEO analysis

We pick your content apart, too, and look for any on-page SEO issues that might be preventing it from reaching its fullest organic potential.

On-page SEO analysis.

Fixes and recommendations

Technical SEO recommendations.

Based on our findings, we provide a list of technical recommendations to your development team and implement any on-page fixes by ourselves to get your site ready for action.

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